Origin Energy has the capabilities to find, plan, construct and operate community renewable energy installations and allow the local community to use this energy for themselves. This means that the price of the energy can be fair and fixed in the long term. Communities can also nominate households within the community for preferential pricing to alleviate fuel-poverty. Surplus profits can be given back through a nominated community enterprise such as a co-op or CIC or charity that is democratically operated for the wider community benefit.

We have tended to focus on using wind as a power source as this provides a larger amount of energy for community use. On average, a single 500 kW turbine can generate energy for around 350-400 households. If the community wishes they can export surplus energy for profit, or could use it to attract businesses to their locality.

We are looking to attract two types of customer: community group who wish to move ahead with aspirations they might already have and land-owners who would welcome the opportunity to make and sell energy to the communities around them.3266463_LowRes