What is a Common Interest Group?

A “Common interest group” (in relation to Origin Energy CIC) means an identified group of persons who  might reasonably be regarded as having an existing and common interest with each other and that company. In particular, the activites of  Origin Energy CIC and what is done with the proceeds arising from any investment made into Origin Energy CIC.

You could be regarded as a Common Interest Group member for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 if at least one of the following applies:

The Origin Energy Common Interest Group is open to individuals and groups who have already or are currently:

1.     Taking action against climate change;

2.    Supporting community responsibility for their own energy creation and management

3.     Generating community-based renewable energy;

4.     Reducing CO2 emissions;

5.     Reducing energy use;

6.     Addressing fuel poverty;

7.     Reducing and stabilising long-term energy prices;

8.     Supporting local sustainability;

9.     Promoting UK energy security;

10.    Bringing justice and equity to the energy delivery process.

11.    Investing in the local environment;

12.    Encouraging local investment in green businesses;

13.    Encouraging community participation in climate issues;

14.    To foster the requirements for communities to live sustainably

15.    Supporting the development of sustainable construction and refurbishment of

16.    Investing in renewable energy projects for environmental reasons

Persons are not to be regarded as having an interest of the kind described above if:

they will have such an interest if they become members or creditors of the company;
they all carry on a particular trade or profession; or
they are persons with whom the company has an existing business relationship, whether by being its clients, customers, contractors, suppliers or otherwise.

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