An invitation to join Origin Energy CIC.

Qualifying Investors and Common Interest Group members are currently being sought to raise finance to develop a new type of Energy Company.

A First for the UK Energy Market

Alongside all the positive social and environmental outcomes normally expected, and in addition to the risks and potential financial rewards a proposal like this usually offers, this community share offer will launch what we believe is a first for the UK energy market and help revolutionize the way community energy projects operate.

Origin Energy CIC are able to offer communities the chance to buy renewable energy at a reduced price that is fixed and below market rate. The Community can nominate house-holds in their community for fuel-poverty status.

Given that retail costs of energy are approximately 2.5 to 3 times the wholesale cost of power the benefits are also significant to the financial goals within our business plan, and we look forward to sending you our Private Placement Memorandum which will include the business plan, details of tax relief available, expected return rates and levels of risk alongside more detail of the many social and environmental returns we hope to achieve.

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